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Haryana signs up with IGRUA & Drone Destination to train personnel for speedy implementation of schemes

Chadnigarh: State-run Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Akademi (IGRUA) and Drone Destination have jointly signed an MoU with Haryana’s Drone Imaging and Information Service of Haryana Limited (DRIISHYA) for drone training. Haryana had recently constituted DRIISHYA for speedy implementation of various types of surveys and imaging work using drones as manual surveys take much longer. Drone surveys are expected to benefit several departments like revenue, mining, forest, traffic, disaster management and agriculture.
IGRUA director Krishnendu Gupta said: “IGRUA and Drone Destination currently operate out of two satellite campuses one in Manesar, Haryana, and the other in Bengaluru. With the launch of the new drone policy, we envision to establish drone training schools with various State Governments across India. This partnership of DRIISHYA, IGRUA and Drone Destination will enable us to provide professional drone training in Haryana.”
Drone Destination founder-CEO Chirag Sharma said: “It is our pleasure to commence drone training in Haryana – the food bowl of India. Haryana offers immense opportunities for drone applications. The agriculture sector in Haryana has already started to adopt drone-based precision farming practices and soon drones will be a norm. There is a large opportunity to use drones in other sectors such as urban and rural development, asset inspections in Haryana.”
After training over 1,500 commercial aircraft pilots since 1986, IGRUA recently entered the field of training drone pilots also. It tied up with leading private sector player Drone Destination, for setting up remote aircraft system pilot training schools across India. The two together started their first training centre in Gurgaon’s Manesar earlier this year and the second one in Bengaluru.

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