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Lakhimpur Kheri violence: SKM calls for protests on October 26 to demand dismissal, arrest of minister Ajay Mishra

Chandigarh: Sanyukt Kisan Morcha (SKM) has given a call to all its constituents to observe nationwide protests on October 26, to intensify the demand for arrest and dismissal of Union minister of state for home Ajay Mishra over Lakhimpur Kheri violence and also to mark the completion of 11 months of their struggle against the three central farm laws.
The call has been given to hold sit-ins and marches during the day between 11am and 2pm. SKM stated that the visit of its nine-member coordination committee member Yogendra Yadav to the family of a deceased BJP worker in Lakhimpur Kheri had hurt the sentiments of farmers associated with the movement.

On his part, Yadav said he visited the bereaved family to share their grief in a non-partisan manner, and that he stood by the action he undertook in his personal capacity in terms of his principles and policy. He apologised since his action had hurt the sentiments of protesting farmers, and regretted the fact that he did not consult SKM colleagues prior to the visit. He was suspended for a month from SKM on Thursday.
SKM stated that ‘Asthi Kalash Yatra’ had been initiated from Tikunia on the antim ardaas day of farmers killed in Lakhimpur Kheri. It said after a fresh video surfaced of Lakhbir Singh, who was killed at Singhu border by a group of Nihang Sikhs on October 15, it is claimed that he received Rs 30,000 from someone to derail the movement.

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